Rubber Stamp Manufacturing

for the Arts & Crafts Industry

We create deeply etched, red rubber stamps for new artists and craft brand owners. Our stamps are made with a proprietary blend of natural gum rubber and provide excellent ink transfer. If you are looking to create your first line of stamps from your original artwork, or add to your existing product line, we can manufacture your new rubber stamps.

Rubber Stamp Production

Rubber stamps are vulcanized under high heat and pressure. The process starts with creating the molds for the raw rubber to be pressed into sheets.

We are able to capture the finest details of your artwork and create deeply etched red rubber stamps. Your customers will appreciate the quality & versatility of your rubber stamps. These stamps can be used in many surfaces for arts and crafts projects including specialty papers, wood, metal, glass, fabric and clay.

Unmounted Rubber Sheets

Rubber sheets that do not have any mounting are called, ‘unmounted rubber.’ Shipped to you in bulk, you can sell sheets as is.Or you are able to add mounting cushion yourself, such as double adhesive mounting foam for wood blocks or cling cushion for use with acrylic blocks. Sheets or bulk rolls of mounting cushion are available from several companies in the US or abroad. You are able to cut apart rubber sheets using scissors that are used for cutting fabric, KAI brand, or Tonic Studios Tim Holtz Mini Snips. Minimum quantity per setup apply.

Order rubber stamp sheets in these standard sizes:

4 inch x 6 inch

4.25 inch x 5.5 inch

4.625 inch x 4.625 inch (CD size)

5.827 inch x 8.268 (A5)

6 inch x 9 inch

8.5 inch x 11 inch

8.268 inch x 11.693 inch (A4)

9 inch x 12 inch

Rubber Stamps with Cling Cushion Attached

We also offer rubber that feature cling cushion already attached, also known as ‘cling stamps.’ These are stamps that work with any acrylic stamping blocks or stamping platforms. Cling stamps can be cut apart using specialty scissors like KAI brand shears, Tim Holtz Mini Snips, or a scroll cutting machine.

Minimum quantity per setup apply.

About Us…

We are a full-time manufacturer of deep etch rubber stamps located in North Central Florida. We have been private label manufacturing for many rubber stamp companies and artists worldwide since 2003. All of the raw materials are sourced here in the United States.

We began our business by providing custom rubber stamps from photos for businesses and consumers. We grew to specialize in supplying bulk manufactured rubber art stamps.

Our customers sell their stamps online, in brick and mortar stores, exhibit in trade shows in the US and Europe, as well as Australia, Canada, Russia, China and Japan. Our products have been featured in both online and print magazines and books. We are recognized in the industry for excellent quality and unsurpassed in artwork preparation.

When you choose us to make your stamps, you will receive:

• Private label rubber stamp manufacturer

• Competitive pricing

• Wide choice of stamp sizes

• Products that are made in the USA

• Highest quality & most versatile rubber stamps offered in the crafting market

• International shipping and drop shipping services available

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